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The information you need to control shipping costs

In today's deregulated environment, you must control information to control costs. 

NFAPS gives you the edge with our Freight Management Reports - one of the Industry's

most flexible and complete reporting programs.

freight management reports

Freight Management Reports can cut costs by helping you:

*Eliminate most duplicate payments- we check daily

*identify tonnage by traffic lane and market area for sales analysis

*Negotiate discounts with carriers based on quality and effectiveness

*Formulate new distribution patterns to cut and improve service


In addition, our reports can streamline your internal cost accounting, saving paperwork, personnel time and money!  Cost allocation is simplified, helping you evaluate the profitability of products, plants or divisions.


NFAPS's Freight Management Reports capture critical management information from your freight bills, compiling a customized freight management database for your company.  Typical information includes:


 In addition, our Freight Management Reports can capture a wide range of other information depending upon your company's needs.

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