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Controlling freight costs by auditing freight bills


Undiscovered or un-recovered overcharges are among the most significant and controllable of all shipping costs.  National Freight Audit offers you an effective and economical solution to this needless expense.


Cutting over payments before they are paid

Our Pre-Audit service uncovers errors before payment is made.  Your bills are audited for rate, extension and discount errors by an experienced auditor assigned to your account.  Your auditor reviews your bills and compares the rates charged with the published rates in our extensive tariff library and with negotiated rates you supply to us.

The audit also includes a computer search for duplicate payments.  As part of this search, information is captured that can be used to generate management reports using our reporting system. 

Save up to five times the cost of the audit

By auditing your bills before they are paid, over payments are prevented and the need for complicated and occasionally troublesome recovery procedures is virtually eliminated - along with the risk that some carriers may go bankrupt before you can collect.

Following your Pre-Audit, bills are ready for payment by our own in-house system.

Today's most flexible freight management system

NFAPS's Pre-Audit is just part of the complete freight management service we offer.  For complete information on payment and reporting services that can help you develop a more cost-effective control program, call us today at: (201) 342-5222

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